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He Was Expecting Us

by Richard Keisker

He was expecting us!

It was spring of 1965 when my companion and I were asked to “re-open” a small community just outside Guatemala City. As there had been negative experiences in that area years before, my companion and I decided to fast and pray before going out to the area for the first time. Upon entering the little community, we decided that rather than knocking on the first door we came to when getting off the bus, we would walk up and down the dirt streets until the Spirit directed us to someone who was ready to listen to our message.

After strolling through the neighborhood for half an hour or so, we turned the corner and saw at the end of the street a colorfully painted house and immaculately kept yard complete with a variety of parrots and even a young “coati” in a small tree near the door. We walked straight toward the house and approached the door. I remember that as I knocked on the wooden door, it swung slowly open, revealing a man seated on a bench across the room. Before we could speak, he said, “Good morning. I’ve been expecting you.” We asked if he knew who we were. He replied, “You are messengers from God. Are you not?” We inquired as to how he knew that and he related that he had been praying that he would be led to the truth – and we showed up at his door.

We gave the first lesson to this brother that same morning. He asked us if he could invite some friends to join in our next discussion. We met with the good brother and his neighbors 3 times per week for the next several weeks. The group grew with each visit. In just over a month’s time from our initial visit to the neighborhood, we had the privilege of baptizing nearly 30 people.

A branch was organized shortly thereafter – in an area that had been closed to prosyliting for several years.

In the Lord’s way and in the Lord’s time, all things are possible.