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Medical Hypnosis

Perhaps you didn't know that Hypnosis has existed as an approved treatment for over fifty years. It has been approved by both the American and British Medical Associations since the late 1950's. Here are some answers to often-asked questions about Hypnosis.

Why will Hypnosis work when will power fails?
Hypnosis works when will power fails because hypnosis works on the sub-concious level. Will power only works on the concious, logical level.

Is the patient under outside control when hypnosis is used?
No, contrary to some popular beliefs, the patient is completely in control during the hypnotic experience.

Can Hypnosis reduce the time of tradtitional psychotherapy?
Yes, new habits and goals are experienced with the use of Hypnosis and the sub-conscious mind. They are then simply repeated in everyday life.

What kinds of physical problems can Hypnosis treat?
Hypnosis can treat Migraine and Tension Headaches, resolve weight issues, reduce Stress, lower Blood Pressure, and treat Irritable Bowl Syndrome and stomach discomfort, among many other physical symptoms.

How else is Hypnosis used?
Hypnosis is also used to overcome Nicotine and other addictions, eliminate bad habits, remove unrealistic fears, and to treat pain issues.

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