Sample Websites

Website Design

Custom or Canned?

No doubt you have seen web companies which advertise that you can create a website in an hour. While it is true that technically a program can do some simple websites, they are not capable of giving you a web presence, including a look which is professional and the types of information that you will want to provide.


What I provide is a custom webite, designed with your professional needs in mind. I partner with you to find he exact combination of graphics and information which will give your potential patients confidence in your skills and preparation.


Perhaps you want to provide or sell materials which you have produced, or have patients request appointment times online or by email. You might want to include a map to your office, your office hours and unique services that you provide.

You Are in Control

My success depends upon your success. While your success depends on many factors, a strong web presence can become a key to marketing the skills you have developed. Because it is Your website, I want you to feel that it represents you to your best advantage.

A little about this website

I have purposefully kept this website design simple and uncluttered to show you that web design does not have to be complicated and expensive in order to be effective.