Dave's Vietnam Pics     Co. B, 1st Battalion, 35th Infantry, 4th Div. 6/69 - 3/70
If you know who any of these men are, please e-mail me at dnmuxo@hotmail.com.

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001-001.jpg Third guy from the left is me, Dave Muxo. I arrived in country on June 13th, 1969, but didn't get out to the field until July 2. I was a green sergeant E-5 out of NCO School at Ft. Benning, Georgia. I believe these first pics where taken during my first two weeks, while we were in "orientation" training before joining our units in the field. To my left (right side of pic) is James Fedney, Sr.
001-002.jpg Digging in for the night.
001-003.jpg We didn't usually have metal for overhead cover.
001-004.jpg I can't remember the names of any of these guys. In the background can be seen some of the Montagnards who lived in the highlands.
001-005.jpg The fellow on the left has an M-79 grenade launcher, and his vest full of grenades can be seen beside me.
001-006.jpg Names unknown.
001-007.jpg James Fedney Sr. James contacted me recently, and has confirmed that we were near a Montagnard village.
001-008.jpg Name unknown. The Montagnard people were very friendly and usually welcomed us. As far as I recall, all of our actions took place in the mountains away from villages.
001-009.jpg By the end of July 1969 I had joined Bravo Company, 1/35th. This is 3rd squad, 3rd platoon. I'm in the middle, with Jerry Heiser on my right (photo's left) and Ray Hollermann on my extreme left. LT Rogers, our platoon leader, is on the "horn" in back.
001-010.jpg Me, somewhere in the bush of the Central Highlands. We operated around Pleiku mostly during the first half of my tour.

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