Dave's Vietnam Pics     Co. B, 1st Battalion, 35th Infantry, 4th Div. 6/69 - 3/70
If you know who any of these men are, please e-mail me at dnmuxo@hotmail.com.

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Click on a photograph to see it in a larger size.

001-011.jpg Joseph G. Heiser. Jerry was from Ohio I think, and now lives in North Carolina. He was in my squad for most of the nine months plus that we served in the 1/35th, until I went to 1/14th and he went elsewhere.
001-012.jpg Can't remember the name. Many of us had little box cameras that fit easily in an ammo pouch. We never carried ammo there. Ammo pouches were the perfect size for cameras, candy bars, cigs, etc.
001-013.jpg A deserted hooch somewhere in the mountains.
001-014.jpg Jerry and two other guys in my squad. The guy on the left has tentatively been identified by Phil Strommen as Larry Webb, and the guy in the middle is Ray Hollermann. We seldom had more than five or six in the squad, never the ten we were supposed to have. The tube on the rucksack on the right was a mortar round. We carried them when we traveled with the company commander and the weapons platoon, who carried the mortar.
001-015.jpg I don't remember sitting out in the open like this very much. Maybe we were waiting for the resupply choppers which came every three days. We each carried nine meals and water, 400 rounds of M-16 ammo, grenades and such, and as much beer or soda as we could.
001-016.jpg I may have been small, but I was wiry, ha! But I can say that I have never been healthier. I was never sick all year, and got plenty of sleep in the field. No TV.
001-017.jpg Phil has also tentatively identified this grunt as William Malley, who was RTO for LT Kelly when Phil was in the field with 1/35th during early 1968. That would have made William short time when I knew him. He was a sergeant and from Rochester, New York.
001-018.jpg One of the few times we were near a road, which I think is why we had no enemy caused deaths for ten months.
001-019.jpg For all we knew these two could have been VC.
001-020.jpg A rare visit to a base camp. I can tell because I look clean in this picture. This picture was probably taken when I went on R&R to Hawaii, sometime around October 1969, I think. It took three or four days to get all the dirt off, just in time to return to Vietnam and get dirty again.

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