Dave's Vietnam Pics     Co. B, 1st Battalion, 14th Infantry, 4th Div. 4/70 - 6/70
If you know who any of these men are, please e-mail me at dnmuxo@hotmail.com.

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Click on a photograph to see it in a larger size.

003-028.jpg This is Scotty with an over-under, an M16 with a grenade launcher attached (an M-203?). His vest is full of grenades like the one in a previous picture. A great weapon to have around. Scotty was pointman for a while.
003-029.jpg Assembling to go to the field.
003-030.jpg Name unknown.
003-031.jpg This RTO and I went to Japan on a seven-day leave together, in April 1970, it think. We saw the World's Fair in Osaka.
003-032.jpg Joseph Mallia, Platoon Leader for 3rd Platoon, Co. B. I had two very good platoon leaders in Vietnam, one in the 35th and Joseph Mallia.
003-033.jpg Name unknown, carrying M-60 Machine Gun ammo.
003-034.jpg The soldier on the left and I were thrown off of the truck by the guys when the platoon was leaving for the Cambodian Incursion. We were short and the guys were taking care of us. I wish I could remember his name. He was a good soldier who I could trust with my life.
003-035.jpg Getting ready to move out.
003-036.jpg John Livewell was actually a medic with Headquarters Company, assigned to us. Here he's clowning around with an M-60 machine gun. He happened on this site and saw his picture with no name, and contacted me by email. Welcome home, John!
003-037.jpg Name unknown.

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