Dave's Vietnam Pics     Co. B, 1st Battalion, 35th Infantry, 4th Div. 6/69 - 3/70
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Click on a photograph to see it in a larger size.

002-021.jpg Me. In the tower we spent the time talking about food and the stereo receivers we were buying to send home, and looking out for the "tiger" that was supposed to roam the camp at night.
002-022.jpg Looking south from the tower, which faced west. You can see the wire angling away to the east. Artillary Hill was behind us, and the airstrip at Camp Hensel was out of view on the left. Camp Enari
002-023.jpg Looking right (north) from the tower. There was a rumor that there was a tunnel into the base that the VC used. It was also supposed to be used by the tigers.
002-024.jpg Looking west, out over the wire. Two of us were supposed to be awake at all times, but at night two slept and the third watched for the Sergeant of the Guard. A whole Regiment of NVA could have come through without us noticing it, as long as they weren't dressed as tigers.
002-025.jpg Huey helicopter dropping us into a hot LZ. We didn't know it was hot until a little later when we were ambushed.
002-026.jpg Another shot of a Huey.
002-027.jpg Looking down on the LZ as we were extracted by a Huey some days later.
002-028.jpg Vietnam from a Huey. Looked peaceful enough, and even beautiful from up there.
002-029.jpg The door gunners used these M60 machine guns. They wore flack jackets and helmets, but were still very exposed to enemy fire. It was a dangerous job, but some of my buddies volunteered because it got them out of the field.
002-030.jpg Flying toward an airstrip. I could read a map, but I never knew where we were in a larger sense. We were never told the name of any operation, or where in Vietnam we were going. But we always operated in the Central Highlands.
002-031.jpg You can just make out the wire around the airstrip, and the town nearby. I don't remember where it was.

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