Dave's Vietnam Pics     Co. B, 1st Battalion, 14th Infantry, 4th Div. 4/70 - 6/70
If you know who any of these men are, please e-mail me at dnmuxo@hotmail.com.

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Click on a photograph to see it in a larger size.

003-038.jpg Name unknown.
003-039.jpg Name unknown.
003-040.jpg Tracked vehicle (identified as an M-548 by Terry Weibel, 1/10th Cav, 71) with probably a 50 caliber machine gun.
003-041.jpg Thanks to John Kapior, 1/10th Cav 66-67 for identifying this vehicle as a Command Track. It had the ability to communicate with all platoons at once due to a radio dispatch system. Other personnel carriers communicated at platoon level, and could only communicate with other platoons through the Command Track.
003-042.jpg An Khe. I don't remember why I took this picture.
003-043.jpg Approaching Huey (UH-1) late in the day.
003-044.jpg Hueys were always a welcome sight, either because they were bringing food in the field, evacuating wounded, or shooting the bad guys. We had a lot of respect for the pilots who risked their lives for us.
003-045.jpg A Cobra gun ship, fast and mean.
003-046.jpg The Black Jack cards on the nose of this Huey meant a lot to us. They belonged to A Company, 4th Aviation Battalion. They saved us more than once, and never backed off when we had wounded. We knew we could count on them, even when we were under fire. These guys were real heroes.
003-047.jpg Another Huey, or slick. The slicks from Company A transported us to and from the field, carried out the wounded, and re-supplied us every three days. The gun ships from Company B supported the slicks and us when we were in trouble. The 4th Aviation Battalion has a website at www.one-eleven.net/~tewilk/battalion.html

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