Dave's Vietnam Pics     Co. B, 1st Battalion, 35th Infantry, 4th Div. 6/69 - 3/70
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002-011.jpg Names unknown. One of our rare stays on a forward fire base. We didn't like being there because the enemy gunners had us zeroed in. Out in the field we were in a different location every night.
002-012.jpg Name unknown and me. One day we were attacked by a recoilless rifle from about 3000 yards. It had been raining. A shell exploded right in front of Heiser and me, covering us with mud, but we were unharmed. We had sunglasses on, and when we took them off only our eyes where white.
002-013.jpg LT Rogers and his radio man, name unknown. LTs didn't have much of a life-expectancy. The VC could spot them because of the radio, and I think because of their bearing. They always stood straight and looked "commanding".
002-014.jpg Me and three cases of C's (c-rations). Obviously a resupply day. I traded the coffee and cigs for hot chocolate and crackers.
002-015.jpg Heiser was obviously trying to stick me with Ham and Lima beans, but I knew better. We learned that all C's tasted better when warmed in a pan instead of in the can. And catsup, plenty of it, was indispensable.
002-016.jpg Names unknown.
002-017.jpg Bunker just down from the crest of a mountain near the Cambodia border. We had been choppered in and spent three or four days up there. Each morning the mountain next to us was attacked. We could set our watches by it. I was ordered to take a patrol out. I seem to recall that when we got back I was asked if I had seen any elephant tracks. I hadn't. Apparently the enemy was suspected of using elephants to transport goods down the trail.
002-018.jpg Cobra helicopter gun ship. It looked mean even standing still.
002-019.jpg I don't ever remember direct support for us coming from a Cobra. Seems like all our air support came from Huey gun ships and that airplane with the mini guns, "Spooky" or "Puff the Magic Dragon".
002-020.jpg Heiser. We spent 12 days in a guard tower on the west side of Camp Enari while our unit was "standing down" from operations in the field. There were three of us, Heiser, a South Vietnamese who didn't speak any English, and me.

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